About me

Nice to meet you! I'm Milan Ferus-Comelo.

I was born in England, though I spent most of my life in India. After High School in California, USA, I moved to Germany to earn a Bachelor’s degree. With strong web design skills, I am currently exploring the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I have native fluency in English and German and am proficient in French. I can also understand and write Hindi, a dominant Indian language. As a fast learner, I constantly seek challenging, hands-on projects that expand my skills and provide opportunities to advance a career in engineering and computer science.

I’m always excited to meet new faces and hear new stories, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Join me on a journey of discovery!

Who I work with



Have an interesting idea in need of a well-designed website or aerial shots? I have just what you need. Let's work together!



Get in touch to launch your startup into the digital world. I believe in building relationships to boost your business long term.



Have an established business, but think your website needs improving? I'd love to hear from you and help you improve your reach.

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